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Who Am I?

I'm currently a second-year Ph.D. Student at the University of Southern California jointly advised by Professor Maja Matarić in the Interaction and Professor Stefanos Nikolaidis in the Interactive and Collaborative Autonomous Robotic Systems (ICAROS) lab. My current research interests involve developing computational models of humans in therapeutic settings to inform robots who can assist in the recovery process through both physical and social modalities.

I previously received my Bachelors of Science in Computer Science and Robotics Engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), where I performed research in understanding student motivation in the context of Intelligent Tutoring Systems through the lens of self-determination theory. I also completed my senior project in the field of tactile sensing, where I assisted in the design and manufacturing of an optical tactile sensor. design was verified through a fine manipulation experiment.

In addition to research in Human-Robot Interaction, I have interests in perfomance and visual arts. I skated competitively as a pairs figure skater, play the flute and violin, and enjoy costume design and construction.

I also find altruism very valuable. To this end, I strive to organize and participate in different outreach activities and community service opportunities. I have previously served as a community service organizer and lead a committee to put on an event to teach STEM classes to Boy Scouts. I hope to expand my outreach efforts to educate and excite underrepresented populations about robotics and engineering in general, especially groups who identify with the LGBTQ+ community.



Major: Robotics (Computer Science)
Advisors: Maja Matarić, Stefanos Nikolaidis
Years: 2019-Present

Majors: Computer Science and Robotics Engineering
Advisors: Loris Fichera, Cagdas Onal, Charles Rich
GPA: 3.96 / 4.00
Years: 2015-2019

My Work

Recent Projects

Fine Manipulation Through Tactile Sensing

How can the sense of touch be used to inform robots performing fine manipulation tasks?

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CoRDial: A robot dialogue platform

How can a screen be used to engage a user in meaningful conversation?

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Motivation from Intelligent Tutoring Systems

How can principles from Psychology inform the way we present students with questions to better help them learn?

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How do I give back?

Teaching, Outreach, and Community Service

TA for RBE 3001 (WPI)

Students learn actuator design, embedded computing, and complex response processes. Concepts of dynamic response, real-time processor programming, and interrupt signaling are introduced. Complex feedback mechanisms are implemented in embedded systems.

TA for RBE 3002 (WPI)

Students learn navigation, position estimation, and communications. Concepts of dead reckoning, landmark updates, inertial sensors, and radio location are explored. Control systems as applied to navigation are presented. Communication, remote control and remote sensing for mobile robots and tele-robotic systems are introduced.

Merit Badge University Director

Organized a committee to host 300 Boy Scouts for a two-day conference at the WPI campus. Boy Scouts attended a series of classes that help them learn skills pertaining to science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics. Developed and reviewed materials for 26 distinct badges.

FIRST Global Challenge Mentor

Mentored an all-female robotics team from Jordan on robotics concepts, preparing them for their entry into the 2017 FIRST Global competition hosted in Washington, D.C.

Alpha Phi Omega Vice President of Service

Planned a record high of 3180 man-hours of community service to benefit the campus, community, and nation over the course of a semester.

Rho Beta Epsilon Vice President

Hosted events to assist robotics students with final projects, and developed resources for professional development in the robotics community.


Work Experience

Research Assistant: USC May 2018 - August 2018

Expanded upon CoRDial Platform, a screen-based face for use in Human-Robot Interaction experiments, to increase readability and affect of emotional expressesions

Notable Accomplishments


USC Annenberg Fellowship
Awarded February 2019.

Chapter Distinguished Service Key for outstanding and unique contributions to the Alpha Phi Omega - Omicron Iota Chapter.
Awarded April 2019.

Salisbury Award for outstanding project work.
Awarded April 2019.

Program of the Year Award for outstanding service project (Merit Badge University 2018).
Awarded April 2019.

Charles O. Thompson Scholar
Awarded March 2016.

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